A work in progress is the lab agg we're working on. It's a variable + fixed output benchtop lab PSU made from a old computer one, plus om extra parts. Our hommade version is made from ATX-powersupply from a desktop PC. The case/shell is goint to be made out of 4mm lasercut akrylic sheet and has a bunch of port on the front side. A pair of USB ones, banana terminals and those small ones that bread boards and microcontrollers and Arduinos have. The USB-ports are for powering microcontrillers such as Arduino Uno or Micro, and the terminals/banana jacks are for klassic lab leads/chords with crocodile clamps. Lits of parts from ebay, Sparkfun, Aliexpress och Adafruit. Maybe some from the ordes we placed with Modmypi in this project too?