We present to you; the Grisworks open source cassette system! Ta-daaaa! This is an attempt at dust-proofing, moisture minimizing, tangle-avoiding, friction-freeing our spools of filament. We want a easily made and assembled box that stacks well and can be mounted to a lot of different printers. The box can also be made bigger or smaller depending on the kind of spools you use, and can also be used with filament that aren't on a spool. Or uses the Masterspool system. There are lots of nice designs out there that achieve the same result as this, more or less. The reason why we decided to develop this anyhow is mainly because we like straight, sharp egdes, and we like to keep things simple and stupid so that they can be customized and modified (and repaired in the battlefield). Lots of the designs out there rely on finding an existing container to build upon. That certainly has its advantages too, but this is how we like things to look and function. Hope you like it too!